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Auchmore Homestead

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Our first stop is Wedderburn to check out the beautiful Uniting church that has been painted up to celebrate the unique birdlife and the surrounding conservation and the Painted mistletoe birds on the wall of the adjacent shop painted by Jimmy Dvate. This will be our toilet and morning tea stop.

On to Nullawil Silo to check out the famous painted works of the farmer and his Kelpie, back on the coach to head down the road to ‘Auchmore homestead’ a historic homestead with a museum housing all the necessities used by the early pioneers of the district.  Auchmore museum is an original farm homestead fitted out in period design as well as many outbuildings from the era. An original drop log hut with an earthen floor used by the first white settlers has been relocated to the site as well as a school, church, and other outbuildings. The museum proudly preserves the history of Nullawil and district for future generations to enjoy. The historical society will be providing a country lunch for us and a talk and tour of the buildings.  

Provided by the local community we will be having a BBQ lunch at Auchmore homestead.

After a warming lunch we jump back onto the coach and head to st Arnold to check out the painted silo and street art around the town.


Wedderburn Street Art, Nullawil Silo, Auchmore Homestead


Morning tea and lunch 


Your smile 

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